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Wednesday March 26, 2014 @ 3:30

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Spring is Springing

   March 20th will be the official first day of spring, but warmer weather is upon us (which will be followed by cold and windy weather, followed by more nice weather). With the warmer weather come a few opportunities and challenges.

 Daylight Saving Time vs. Sleep—

            This year the first day of Daylight Saving Time will begin during Spring Break. We will “spring forward” to allow for more daylight at the end of the day, and our children will naturally want to stay up later to enjoy the evening. We hope they do get more time to play! We also want our kids to get a good night’s sleep. Preschoolers need 11-13 hours of sleep, and children ages 5-10 need  10 to 11 hours each night. (http://tinyurl.com/mh3wqk4)  Few children get 10 hours of sleep, but every minute counts. Children who get sufficient sleep do better in school than their sleepy peers and are healthier too. Helping kids get a good night’s sleep is just good parenting.

Increased Academic Focus—

            I don’t mean to say that we haven’t been focusing on academics all year, but in the spring-time it gets real. Hurricane Elementary has been recognized as a high achieving school. On test scores, we rank among the top 2% of Title I schools in the state, and the top 10% of all schools in the state. Our teachers work diligently to teach children in a methodical and fun way all year. And yet… in the springtime, we push a little harder. With testing deadlines and the big deadline of May 22, teachers want to make sure that they do their best with the limited time that they have left with your child. Please help your child to keep up with the increased demands that are being presented to them. Help with homework, encourage your children to read, and help them keep a regular bedtime.

More Conflict on the Playground—

            A few years ago we did a self-study as part of our Comprehensive Guidance program. As we looked at trends for suspensions and students sent to the office for fighting, we noticed a huge uptick in these occurring in March and April. This is one of the reasons why we now have a full-time school counselor who teaches a social skills lesson once a week with each class k-5. Mrs. Shurtz teaches techniques for overcoming bullying, resiliency training, how to work out problems with peers, academic and study skills, and other skills to help students

 be safe at school. Because of this approach, and other things that we have implemented, we have seen a huge drop in conflict and bullying in our school over the past few years. We are proud of that change; however, we have more work to do. If you are aware of conflict or bullying at our school, please let your child’s teacher know. If the teacher doesn’t know, or doesn’t know the extent of the issue, he or she can’t help end it.

             We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Hot-dog party later this month (see the events calendar below) and look forward to a great spring-time. We can’t believe that this year is passing so quickly, but it continues to be an important one for us and for the children who we serve. If you have read this letter, and would like your child to be entered into a drawing to win a surprise, please send us a note with your child’s first and last name we will hold a drawing on Thursday and Friday morning.



Travis Wilstead

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Kindergarten and Pre-school Registration


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Policy for Student Drop-off and Pickup

supervista_educationicons_transportation_service_100px.jpgFor the safety of our students no personal vehicles will be allowed in the bus zone area including times when a bus is not present. Drop off and pick up is along the front of the school. We ask that parents do not make a u-turn to exit rather continue into northwest exit.

Thank you for following this very important policy.


School Motto

"We are too GREAT for small DREAMS"


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