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Community Council

 The next community Council Meeting will be:

Digital Citizenship training

April 18, 2018 @ 6PM


  • Date: 4/5/18 Time 3:45 PM

    Agenda Items

    • Status update / Approval of this year’s plan – Mr. Lowe
    • Digital Citizenship Plan
    • Parent night Discussion
      • Follow Up with speaker procurement – who will run the evening?
    • Remaining Meeting:
    Monday April 23, 3:45 pm Final meeting
  • Hurricane Elementary School

    Community Council Minutes

    Date: 3/5/18 Time 3:45 PM

    Agenda Items

    • Review Minutes from Previous Meeting –  Mr. Scovill
    • Status update on how Trustland Funds and School Improvement Plan are progressing this year – Mr. Lowe – InfiniD Learning is going well, next year we will get more data for the same price due to some company re-structuring.
    • Digital Citizenship Plan
      • Go over assurances – these were approved with a few minor changes & discussions
      • Discuss / follow up on parent training night – Date is set for 4/11/18
        1. Kathy – Eschler – no
        2. Mrs. Brunstadt – Emmalyn’s Dad – yes – needs a subject
        3. Mrs. Shepherd – programs for kid safety
        4. Mr. Scovill – Unsure – will find someone
    • Remaining Meetings:
      • Thursday March 29, 3:30 pm – need to okay plan for next year – Due 4/1/18
      • Monday April 23, 3:45 pm – will be last meeting for the year

Hurricane Elementary School

Community Council Minutes

Date: 1/30/18 Time 3:45 PM

Agenda Items

  • Review Minutes from Previous Meeting –  Jenny Chamberlain
  • Review current implementation – Mr. Lowe
    • Discuss Loss of Title 1 Funding & Impact on School Improvement Plan
    • Our school will lose approximately $200,000.00 of funding with the loss of title 1 status. This will seriously impact how we may want to spend Trustlands money this year and next. We talked about the possibility of changing from one of the aides we had allotted money for to something else so that someone doesn’t get hired for one year only. Mr. Lowe will know more about the impact after a District School Board mtg on February 13.
  • Digital Citizenship Plan
    • We will be adding one meeting this year to implement our plan for this year.
    • We will create a survey to be done at the time of SEPs to help us find what information is best to be shared at a parent training. Jenny will draft, but have council review online prior to publishing.
    • We will include a parent training night on April 11 at 6 pm – Kathy, Mrs. Brunstadt, Mrs. Shepherd, and Mr. Scovill will speak with potential trainers (Not Tony) before our next meeting about presenting.
    • We will have a draft of assurances at our next meeting and review findings from the survey to inform our trainings.
  • Remaining meetings :  
    • Monday March 5 3:30 pm Thursday, March 29th at 2:30 pm
    • Parent Training Night: April 11 6:00 pm in conjunction with Mrs. Shepherd’s usual parent training.
    • Monday, April 23 3:45 pm


Tuesday December 5 @ 3:45 PM

Agenda items

  • Review Minutes from Previous Meeting –  Mr. Scovill
  • Finish discussing and Approve Trustlands Plan – Mr. Lowe
    • Question – how can we share the details publicly? This can happen after approval
  • Review current implementation (Too soon)
  • School Improvement Plan
    • Professional development – Kagan Training, Tutoring, Home Visits
    • Reading Achievement – has dropped – add aides for classes
  • Digital Citizenship Plan
    • Talked about commonsense.org, white ribbon week next year, netsafeutah.org
    • Netsmart training – Vicki
    • Mr. Lowe has a flier about Riverside Elementary’s program – possibly do this at first SEPs
    • Goals this year: 1. Set standards
  1. Create plan to implement white ribbon week next year
  2. Create signed assurances
  3. Plan for new students
  4. Parent training meeting in February & April


    • http://www.epik.org/category/positive-digital-citizenship/
  • Calendar remaining meetings to make timeline   
    • Elections – still want to hold in fall? Yes.
    • Remaining meetings:
    • Thursday, January 25 at 3:45 pm
    • Monday, February 5 at 3:45 pm – Possible digital citizenship parent support group Wednesday Feb 7th – Internet safety training
    • Thursday, March 29th at 2:30 pm
    • Monday, April 23 3:45 pm

Date: 11/13/17 Time 3:00 PM
Agenda Items

● Training on Council duties – viewed video
○ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OwNnvum7zXI
○ http://www.schoollandtrust.org/parents-and-councils/job-descriptions/
○ http://www.schoollandtrust.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2016/02/18-Officer-Tr
○ http://www.schoollandtrust.org/parents-and-councils/
○ http://www.schoollandtrust.org/parents-and-councils/digital-citizenship/
● Vote for council positions (Chair, vice or co-chair, and secretary) Chair: Jenny
Chamberlain, Vice-Chair: Trisha Pectol, Secretary: John Scovill
Present: Marianne Brunstad, Jennifer Shepherd, Matthew Lowe, John Scovill, Jenny
Chamberlain, Heidi Roulstone, Kathy Bozarth, Brittany Kroff, Trisha Pectol
Absent: None
● Approve Trustlands Plan – Went over Trustlands plan. Remove tech aide and replace
with a classroom aide. Add $3,000 to add towards an aide.
● Discuss Title I plan and Title I materials Discussed Plan with community council
● Calendar and plan upcoming meetings


April 6, 2017 @ 3:30PM


On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 we held our first School Community Council (SCC) meeting of the year. 

Our SCC meets four times a year to approve Title I plans and documents and helps craft the school Trust Lands plan and budget. 
Members of the SCC for the 2016-17 school year include: Trisha Pectol, Jenny Chamberlain, Heidi Roulstone. Pam Nichols, Matthew Lowe, and Travis Wilstead (Travis Wilstead is a non-voting member of this council as the principal.)
On Tuesday the 18th we will discussed the following items:
  • SCC Training that is found at http://www.schoollandtrust.org/training/films/
  • SCC voted on leadership positions. The following individuals were selected
    • Jenny Chamberlain– Chair
    • Vice Chair– Trisha Pectol and Heidi Roulstone
    • Secretary– Matthew Lowe
    • Other members vote and participate.
    • Travis Wilstead is an adviser, but not a voting member. 
  • SCC reviewed budget items from last year’s plan (in place this year.)
  • SCC reviewed Title I plan for 2016-17.
  • SCC reviewed SCC Trust Lands plan implementation.
  • The committee set three more meetings for the year with tentative plans for each:
    • November 9–  review plan and create addendum to the budget, possibly to fund software for coding lessons.
    • February 28— review the mid-year review of plan, and create 2017-18 plan.
    • April 2— Plan for implementation of 2017-18 plan.
  • Meeting adjourned. 
Matthew Lowe

 On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 we will hold our first School Community Council (SCC) meeting of the year. 

Our SCC meets three times a year to approve Title I plans and documents and helps craft the school Trust Lands plan and budget. 
Members of the SCC for the 2016-17 school year include: Trisha Pectol, Jenny Chamberlain, Heidi Roulstone. Pam Nichols, Matthew Lowe, and Travis Wilstead (Travis Wilstead is a non-voting member of this council as the principal.)
On Tuesday the 18th we will discuss the following items:
  • SCC Trainig
  • SCC will select and vote on leadership positions
  • SCC will review budget items
  • SCC will review Title I plan for 2016-17
  • SCC will review SCC Trust Lands plan implementation


Utah’s public schools are the beneficiary of 96 percent of all trust lands. Revenue generated from school trust lands is transferred into the Permanent School Fund, growing the endowment for public schools. Income earned from the fund is distributed annually to individual school councils using a per-pupil formula.

to see how Hurricane Elementary uses the school Land Trust funds click HERE.

The School Community Council is a governing body made up of parents and teachers that helps oversee the funds that we receive from the School Trust Lands, and the goals that we make for Trust Lands and Title I programs. In the past this group has been instrumental in helping us protect our students with fencing around the perimeter of our campus, provide a music and art program, and improve math and science instruction. The Council meets around 4 times a year after school.


School Plan 15-16


AGENDA ITEMS: Review this years plan and plan for next year. 

Community Council Meeting Minutes

March 29, 2016

Attendance: Carrie-Anne Stout, Miki Rowan, Matthew Lowe, Travis Wilstead

Minutes: We reviewed the School Land Trust Plan for 2015-16.

Goal #1: Increase the level of understanding for the Dual Immersion Language Strand.

There are Spanish and English classroom aides in 1-2nd grade Dual Immersion classes. We would

like to continue having these aides to assist with the large number of students in these classes.

Goal #2: Increase the involvement in and understanding of the arts.

The school choir has purchased music that allows students’ voices to be showcased. The choir

director is receiving a small stipend.

Goal #3: Improve student understanding  by providing after-school tutoring and busing for students.

The bus is currently under-utilized (nearly empty at times). A motion was made to discontinue

the bus, but continue funding for  before- and after-school tutoring.

Goal #4: Increase levels of student understanding in math and science.

We would like to continue funding Lego Robotics materials and fees. 2-3rd graders participate in

WeDo and NXT Legos in the spring. 4-5th graders participate in First Lego League in the fall.

3 STEM kits were purchased from Engineering is Elementary. We would like to purchase more

kits for STEM program use. We would also like to purchase a membership to Mystery Science for all

HES teachers. This site is aligned to the Utah Core curriculum. It includes short video clips of science

topics, lesson plans, and activities for classroom use.

For the 2016-17 school year, some travel funds will be reallocated to supply funds.

Title I funding was cut at the beginning of the 2015-16 school year, but HES will  now receive some

additional funds. It was proposed to purchase Chromebooks for all 1-5th grade students and

storage/charger shelving for the Chromebooks.


Elections are held yearly that allow parents to be on our community council. We advertised from August 19 through November, 2015 for parent volunteers to be on the ballot. As no one came forward volunteering to be put on the ballot, our sitting community council contacted and voted in our current 2015-16 members. 

We encourage parents to notify us at the beginning of each school year if they are interested in serving on this council. The council does have direct influence on how funds are spent. 

Rules of Order and Procedure used in meetings


Minutes from School Community Council Meeting held on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Attendance:   Jenny Chamberlain (parent), Mr. Travis Wilstead (Principal), Mik Rowan (teacher) 

attending via email:  Carrie Ann Stout (parent), Tami Young (parent)

Trust Land Fund Video


The Council had voted previously to purchase Foss Science Kits.  Due to upcoming changes in the Utah 

Science Core and anticipated cost reduction (from $30,000 to $18,000) in the kits, it was presented to 

the board to consider waiting to purchase the kits.

With the unused Foss Kits budget, the Council considered purchasing classroom libraries for 

kindergarten, Chromebooks to achieve the goal of 1:1 devices for 2nd-5th grades, and teacher training (i.e. 

Kagan Cooperative Learning conference or PLC training).

The Title I funding cut was projected to be $60,000, but actually was $100,000. 


There were no final decisions or voting at this time.

Next meeting:  October 22 at 3:40 p.m. 

Agenda item:  Final approval of Title I Plan

School motto – We are too great for small dreams!